Based in Auckland, New Zealand. Jeremy captures both stills and motion specialising in architecture & lifestyle projects.
"Jeremy Toth is one of those rare creative craftsmen whose openness and spirit of collaboration is matched by a brilliance of insight and a mastery of craft. Making pictures with Jeremy, we feel an active participant, not a consumer. When trying to construct a vision of our work for the world, this level of conversation is vital. We’re endlessly grateful for it."
Nat Cheshire - Cheshire Architects
"We work with Jeremy Toth because he’s such a gifted collaborator. He is someone to whom you can entrust a vital piece of work – moving or still images – and know it will come back looking better than you ever expected. Just as important, he is an excellent listener who has an intuitive understanding of how best to respond to a brief. We feel honoured to have his work in our pages or on our digital channels."

Jeremy Hansen, Editor, HOME magazine
Jeremy Toth Photography
MOB. +64 21 179 7755
POST. PO Box 6987 Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141, New Zealand